Body and Mind Transformation

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Body and Mind Transformation

A happy life is a balanced life, where you dedicate equal importance to yourself, family, work, health, and so on.
We help our clients evaluate their life from a 360-degree perspective and guide them to make the adjustments accordingly to create the life you’ve always wanted achieving a complete body and mind transformation.

Olga Davidian, nutritionist and weight loss coach

Nutrition Coaching

No starvation. Diet based on balance and no nutritional deficit.

Fit woman performing rope cardio training

Fitness Training

Goes hand in hand in order to achieve your physical goals.

Fit women looking at her reflection in the gym's mirros

Body and Mind Transfrom

A team of coaches supports your goals and monitors your progress.

Acupuncture therapist placing needles on womans back


Muscle pain, injury recovery. Stress, burn out, feeling of being lost in life.


Women standing on a balance, only feet shown

Nutrition Coaching

  • Intro meeting & body measurements
  • Nutrition plan creation
  • Regular monthly follow up 
  • Daily follow-up
  • Nutrition plan adjustments


  • 490 CHF / 3 month
  • 300 CHF/ 3 month extention


Trainer coaching a person, doing pushups

Fitness Trainings

  • 1 hour of personalized training
  • Customized training plan
  • Outdoor training sessions are taking place on Saturdays (call to book)


  • Single personal session: 120CHF
  • Discount applies for multiple sessions/week
Fit women looking at her reflection in the gym's mirros

Life Transformation

  • Chinese Medicine diagnostics
  • Current life situation discussion
  • Objective definition
  • Action plan agreement and creation (life coaching sessions, acupuncture sessions, nutrition coaching and fitness trainings)

990 CHF / month

Young woman sitting in a chair

Pain & Emotional Help

  • Muscular pain, post-operation, post-injury recovery
  • Digestive issues
  • Feeling of being stuck in life, depressed, burn out.
  • Emotional support and guidance


  • 1h session: 120 CHF (ASCA)