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Body and Mind
Body transformation first meeting

1. Introduction meeting

We will review your lifestyle, perform body measurements, define goals and milestones. As well as discuss medical history, strengths and weaknesses, work schedule and barriers to success.

person creating a plan

2. Plan creation

Based on defined goals, we will create your nutrition and training plan. Set up the dates for trainings and nutrition follow ups. And define a start date.

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3. Initiation and start

After the start, you will have to show up regularly for the training sessions and have daily interactions with a nutritionist to ensure you stay on track.

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4. Monitoring

A summary sessions will be held  at the end of the month, where we will discuss adjustments. Regular feedback, adjustments and support will be provided constantly.

Meet your coaches:


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Nutrition Coaching

  • Intro meeting & body measurements
  • Nutrition plan creation
  • Regular monthly follow up
  • Daily follow-up
  • Nutrition plan adjustments


  • 490 CHF / 3 month
  • 300 CHF/ 3 month extention


Trainer coaching a person, doing pushups

Fitness Trainings

  • 1 hour of personalized training
  • Customized training plan
  • Outdoor training sessions are taking place on Saturdays (call to book)


  • Single personal session: 120CHF
  • Discount applies for multiple sessions/week
Fit women looking at her reflection in the gym's mirros

Life Transformation

  • Chinese Medicine diagnostics
  • Current life situation discussion
  • Objective definition
  • Action plan agreement and creation (life coaching sessions, acupuncture sessions, nutrition coaching and fitness trainings)

990 CHF / month

Young woman sitting in a chair


  • Muscular pain, post-operation, post-injury recovery
  • Digestive issues
  • Feeling of being stuck in life, depressed, burn out.
  • Emotional support and guidance


  • 1h session: 120 CHF (ASCA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why chose a Body Transformation program?

When you go with us on a Body Transformation journey, we will ensure you have a recipe for success. Most efficient training plan, best nutrition plan that will nourish you, rather than leave you starving. We will also provide Mental support and life coaching if you face hard life situations. Olivier is Acupuncturist and has a strong background in human psychology – he is surely a person who will listen to you and ask you key questions that will make you re-evaluate things in your life.

I've tried many diets, as well I have been training in the gym for a long time. Nothing has worked.

Before starting, we will ensure we understand your past efforts in detail, to get to the core reason why despite all the efforts you haven’t been able to reach your goal. We will then create a plan that will set you up on success. Nutrition, Training and Mental support – this will be on us. Your job will be dedication and discipline to follow the plan. 

How fast will I see results?

Usually within the first month, average client will lose about 3 kilos. We will never put you on a starvation diet – our job is to ensure, while on a diet and training plan you can still maintain your regular life and have energy for it. Depending on how many extra kilos you carry, we will agree on approximate timeline during our introduction meeting.