Fitness Training

Personalized objectives

Fitness Training

Personalized objectives
Woman training with weights in the gym

for weight loss

When aiming to lose weight, combining diet with a structured exercise routine is essential. We will analyse your current condition and build the best plan of action on the way to your weight loss journey.

Recommended coaching duration for optimal results: 3-6 month

Athlete riding a road bike

Athletic preparation

Race/competition preparation requires careful planning and optimized training. It is crucial to allow adequate time for the preparation before your event . We will strive to put you in the best condition safely.

Recommended coaching duration for optimal results: 6 month

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Looking to be muscular and lean? The key to success is a combination of optimized nutrition and training plan, as well as discipline. With our muscle-building program, we will aim to get you to your goals in a natural and safe way.

Recommended coaching duration for optimal results: 6 month

Girl stretching on a fitness ball

Special needs

Whether you are pregnant, or breastfeeding mom or have a particular physical condition, taking care of your physical body is a priority you shouldn’t neglect. Physical exercise will help you to avoid body aches.

Recommended coaching duration: ongoing

Meet your coaches:


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Nutrition Coaching

  • Intro meeting & body measurements
  • Nutrition plan creation
  • Regular monthly follow up 
  • Daily follow-up
  • Nutrition plan adjustments


  • 490 CHF / 3 month
  • 300 CHF/ 3 month extention


Trainer coaching a person, doing pushups

Fitness Trainings

  • 1 hour of personalized training
  • Customized training plan
  • Outdoor training sessions are taking place on Saturdays (call to book)


  • Single personal session: 120CHF
  • Discount applies for multiple sessions/week
Fit women looking at her reflection in the gym's mirros

Life Transformation

  • Chinese Medicine diagnostics
  • Current life situation discussion
  • Objective definition
  • Action plan agreement and creation (life coaching sessions, acupuncture sessions, nutrition coaching and fitness trainings)

990 CHF / month

Young woman sitting in a chair


  • Muscular pain, post-operation, post-injury recovery
  • Digestive issues
  • Feeling of being stuck in life, depressed, burn out.
  • Emotional support and guidance


  • 1h session: 120 CHF (ASCA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to hire a Personal Coach?

There are several reasons hiring a coach is a good idea. If you have been training on your own and not seeing expected results, the coach will help you chose the most efficient way to get to your goal in the fastest possible way. The trainer will keep you accountable, motivated and will always push you a little harder than you would normally be able to push yourself, hence achieving the best result. A coach might bring a new perspective to your training that you haven’t thought of before and will watch your form and teach you new methods. Or if you are a first-timer in a gym, a coach is must have, in order to avoid injuries and loss of time in the gym.

Training with a Personal Coach vs. a Group Training. Why hire a Coach?

Group classes are a great way to get your exercise in. But if you have a personal goal, the classes will be too generic for you, and as a result, you might not be progressing towards your goal. If we take weight loss as a goal example, a coach will always keep you accountable for your training regime as well as your diet – as the two come together. Group classes have a “fit for all” program, which is not always suitable for all attendees. Also if you have an injury history, group class might make your condition worse.

Is it healthy for a Woman to lift Wegiths / Heavy weights?

There is a wide belief that lifting weight, leave alone – heavyweight will make a woman over masculine. This is not true. Building big muscles for a female anatomically almost impossible with the regular approach, due to the female hormones. A woman’s body is not designed to be overly muscular. Instagram pictures that you might sometimes see, often involve a more complex mix of diet, training, and hormone addition. Strength training is healthy